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Manuscript critiques and developmental edits for indie authors!

Looking for detailed feedback?

I'm Karen and I help indie authors untangle plots & strengthen structure & character!

Crafting your fiction or memoir can feel like a solo journey, especially without the support of a traditional publishing setup. But fear not! With my professional training and experience, I’m here to lend a helping hand.

Karen McKellar. Developmental editor of fiction and memoir.

Based in the UK, I’ve worked with author clients on both sides of the Atlantic. I offer specialised manuscript critiques and developmental edits tailored for indie authors like you.

This means you get actionable feedback on your plot, structure, characters, and lots more. I aim to make your rewriting manageable.

Plus, I provide a complimentary 2000-word sample edit so you can get a taste of my expertise before committing.

Whether your tale is gothic/horror, literary, thriller/crime, historical, or romance, I can help.

And for those working on a memoir, I can help you bring your personal story to life.

Looking to dive deep from the get-go? Consider my Opening Chapters Developmental Edit, where I’ll analyze the first 10,000 words of your manuscript alongside a synopsis, all for just £150. It’s the perfect introduction to developmental editing at an affordable price.

My services include an element of coaching in my feedback and some email support. Whether you’re just starting out on your writing journey or you’re a seasoned pro, my experience spans across all levels.

Below are just a few of the books I’ve worked on.

You can also check out my training on the About page.

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The Other by Sandy Hogarth, one of my editing clients

ignite your plot, characters, and more!

Opening Chapters

Grab a detailed developmental edit of your first 10,000 words, with a report and track commenting. Includes analysis of your synopsis. £150 with a 7-day delivery.

Manuscript Critique

Get a detailed 20-30 page report on your manuscript’s plot, structure, characters, and more! This feedback is based on several reads and not just one or two passes.

Developmental Edit

Get the most detailed feedback of all – margin comments throughout your manuscript and a report. Generally there are four complete passes of the manuscript.

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