£199 for 15,000-word opening chapters edit - includes two rounds of editing.
Developmental editing of fiction

Writing a book isn't easy

Having plot problems? Characters a little flat? Going round in circles trying to fix it? Let me help.

Hi. I’m Karen McKellar. I turn unpublished fiction and memoir into well-developed manuscripts. I’ll identify your book’s problems and show you how to fix them.

You know yourself that a good story and memorable characters are the most important aspects of a novel. And that's why a developmental edit or manuscript critique is invaluable.

While a beta reader can give you a reader’s view of your manuscript, they are less likely to dig deeper, let alone offer solutions. The big picture problems of plotting, structure, characterisation, themes, narrative questions, and more are where developmental editing comes in. Whether you want your opening chapters analysed or your whole manuscript critiqued, I offer a range of packages which can be adjusted to suit your needs and your budget. 

My Core Values


Developmental editing is the most expensive form of editing, putting it beyond the reach of many writers. I aim to offer custom packages, tailored to your budget.


I understand how nerve-wracking it is to have your work analysed by a stranger. I treat my clients with respect and empathy. My goal is to nurture your writing.

Customer Service

I believe in good customer service, which also comes with good communication. I assess the client’s needs and goals at the outset, and do my best to meet them.


I believe that a developmental edit should include an element of coaching, to bring a writer’s skills and knowledge up to a whole new level.

Professional Training

Whatever your genre, my job is to help you untangle plot threads, identify strengths and weaknesses, and help you write the very best book you can.

How Can I help you?

Opening Chapters

The opening chapters of your novel are your chance to grab a reader or agent’s attention. I offer a standard 10,000 word package.

Manuscript Critique

Get a detailed report on your entire novel. My manuscript critique package consists of an editorial report with actionable advice.

Developmental Edit

Dig deep into your manuscript with a full developmental edit. Includes track commenting and an editorial report with actionable advice.

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