• 10 ways to improve your novel’s pacing

    While your novel doesn’t have to gallop along at a fast pace, sometimes storytelling gets bogged down and momentum is lost. Too slow and a reader could just give up. Be vigilant of anything that pulls your pace down. Here are 10 ways to improve your novel’s pacing: 1. Slow beginnings and worldbuilding It is […]

  • IndieCat Editorial Review of 2022

    I worked with a few new clients in 2022, plus returning clients. It was great to see all the manuscripts – historical fiction, contemporary, thriller, romance, science fiction, and more. One client I’ve been working with is almost finished their first (six book) series of novels. It’s been a great series to work on. Another […]

  • Promoting your books on social media?

    In a previous post, I wrote about the best way to use Facebook and Instagram ads. How to use Facebook and Instagram ads – IndieCat Editorial Normally, in the world of marketing and advertising, these ads are part of a wider sales funnel. They are not usually sending traffic directly over to a sales page […]