• Stevenson Under the Palm Trees – Alberto Manguel

    Stevenson Under the Palm Trees is a metaphysical metafiction. A wonderful novella in which writer Alberto Manguel explores the fictional world of Robert Louis Stevenson by taking one of his most famous works, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and weaving its themes into Stevenson’s own life in Samoa. The sparse prose conjures up the tropical […]

  • Intacto (2001)

    Director/Writer: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo What if luck is a quality that can be stolen, traded or gambled? What would you gamble in the ultimate game of life and death? Spanish fantasy thriller Intacto opens on a lunar-style landscape, grey except for a casino sitting in the centre. “Place your bets,” a voiceover says as the scene shifts […]

  • Life Mask By Jackie Kay (2005)

    When my lover found a brand-new lover, / on the longest day of the year by far, / she asked if I would move in to the spare room. Many of the poems in Jackie Kay’s superb 2005 collection are about the painful breakup of a relationship. Love poems of a different kind, they are […]

  • Until The Final Hour – Traudl Junge

     “I was 22 and I didn’t know anything about politics, it didn’t interest me.” Traudl Junge, one of Hitler’s secretaries, was born in Munich in 1920. Her parents later split, her mother blaming Hitler and the Nazis for the marital breakdown since her husband was involved with the movement from its early days. Traudl would […]