• Need Freedom from social media distractions?

    Need Freedom from social media distractions? Have you ever considered just how much social media and the internet rule your life? Are you at the beck and call of whatever is happening on your mobile phone? Do you feel anxiety when you switch off devices, check out of email, or switch off notifications? Do you […]

  • What Ash Ambirge taught me

    What Ash Ambirge taught me As a developmental editor of fiction, I often find myself pointing something important out to clients. Novels should not be episodic. The plot should have a structure, with each event like a domino falling over which then hits the next domino. This should also happen on a psychological level, which […]

  • So indie authors aren’t real authors?

    Some months ago, I was following the chat thread in an online authors’ group where someone made it clear they did not respect indie writers. True, they seemed a little confused about what self-publishing was, often veering into arguments more applicable to vanity presses. They talked about the bragging rights that come from being a […]

  • When is your novel done?

    When is your novel done? In truth? You can literally be writing the same manuscript over and over for years because no novel is ever perfect. Additionally, there is no one way to tell your story, so you might be tempted to make changes and try something different. You will be there forever at this […]