• Novel Outlines: 3 Case Studies

    Novel Outlines: 3 Case Studies Some authors have a rough idea in their head of where their plot is going, while others like to fly by the seat of their pants. In the latter case, part of the pleasure of writing their story is not knowing themselves what happens. This can work well for some, […]

  • Too much internal dialogue?

    One of the mainstream published novels I read recently had far too much internal dialogue. Internal dialogue is the stream of thoughts, which can be in monologue or dialogue, that many people have in real life. Though, interestingly, not everyone experiences internal dialogue. In fiction, showing a viewpoint character’s thoughts is an excellent way to […]

  • Why choose an opening chapters edit?

    As a developmental editor I offer a number of editing options to potential clients. The most obvious two are a manuscript critique and a developmental edit. Manuscript critique In the case of the first, you get a lengthy report focusing on not just the main issues in your manuscript, you also get some lower level […]

  • Recent edits and current availability

    I’ve recently been too busy with editing to get the next blog posts written. So I thought I’d write something shorter instead on the genres I’ve recently edited. Right now I’m working on a developmental analysis of a memoir. While I usually work on fiction, I have worked on memoir (often called creative non-fiction) before. […]