• Terrified of reading your work in public?

    Terrified of reading your work in public? You should be. You’re a writer, not an actor! Unless of course you’re both. In which case you can stop reading now and do something else. There are many intimidating moments in a writer’s life. Getting the first feedback on your novel, hearing back from agents or editors. […]

  • When publishers drop the ball

    I recently read a domestic noir thriller in which a woman found herself with a new neighbour. The neighbour from hell. A woman out for revenge who wreaks havoc on the main character and her group of friends. I’m not going to name the book or the author because this blog is not meant to […]

  • Maeve Brennan

    Maeve Brennan was an expatriate Irish writer who spent most of her life in the United States. There she worked for Harper’s Bazaar as a fashion writer until 1949 when William Shawn invited her to move to The New Yorker. Some of her short stories had already been published in the magazine before she started […]