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Get the most detailed analysis of your novel or memoir with an editorial letter, margin comments in your MS, and a book map.

A detailed report, margin comments, and book map.

Best for: authors looking for the most detailed feedback on their full novel or memoir. Includes a detailed report, margin comments in the manuscript itself, and a book map outlining the structure.

Please note: I strongly advise authors to try the mini version of this developmental edit first. At 15,000 words, the Opening Chapters Edit will give you invaluable insight into what it’s like to get a full developmental edit, without risking the full price up front. 

It also allows us to trial working together before you commit to the bigger edit. 

Anyone who takes the Opening Chapters Edit on a full-length novel first will have the cost deducted from the price of the full edit, should they decide to go ahead. 

Full developmental edits can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Developmental editing of fiction and memoir

Feel free to contact me for an Opening Chapters Edit first, so you can test-drive developmental editing for your manuscript.

The core problem with self-editing

Novels and memoirs are composed of many moving parts: character, plot, viewpoint, tone, structure, dialogue, action, conflict, and much more. Trying to juggle all these components is a nightmare at times. 

And it doesn’t help when you’ve been over and over your manuscript so many times you can’t see straight. 

You forget what you took out, what you put in… different drafts merge in your head. And this leads to one of the biggest issues of all…

What is on the page is not necessarily what you think is there.

The problem is that as writers we fill in the gaps, the things we know about character and backstory. We might still include, in our minds at least, now deleted scenes.

But the reader can only ever see what’s on the page. They have no knowledge of what was once there. They’ve never met the characters before, only know what is on the page, and don’t know the backstory other than what they’re told.

This can lead to a mismatch between what the reader sees on the page, and what the writer thinks they see. 

Because the writer knows the characters of their world and story so well that they always fill in the blanks. And any holes that are there will often be missed.

At least, until some helpful reader points them out on a review site.

Which you absolutely don’t want!

If you do miss important problems, plot holes and inconsistencies, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. It means you’re totally normal. 

You just can’t get the cold perspective on your manuscript that a stranger can. No writer can!

But you’re in luck, because this is where developmental editing comes in!

Developmental Editing is the most detailed analysis of your novel or memoir.

My mission is to help you write your best book.

So, what exactly happens in a developmental edit?

I read the novel several times, making notes in the margins. I never read a novel only once or twice because I find that more emerges the more I read. Connections are made, patterns emerge, and the smaller details that might otherwise go unnoticed start to show themselves.

Drawing up a book map can help break down the scene and plot structure. It’s possible to derive a lot of crucial information that way.

However, there are a number of issues that are not detected in a secondhand breakdown of the plot. Things like viewpoint slips, problems relating to psychic distance, characterisation issues, and prose-related pacing issues.

While pace can be affected by how much happens and how well it’s described, it’s also affected by the length of scenes, the length of paragraphs, and the length of sentences.

Some developmental editing crosses over into line editing. My edits do deal with some line-editing issues where I see them presenting a problem for the story/characterisation, etc. However, repeating problems like crutch words and incorrectly formatted dialogue are also pointed out.

This should hopefully help clean up your manuscript a bit more by the time it reaches the copyediting stage. I don’t offer copyediting. But if you’ve corrected some problems ahead of that editorial round, you might save some money.

Developmental editing is very time-consuming, which is why it takes so long. The margin comments are probably the most time-consuming element. I take several passes when it comes to making margin comments. 

Book maps are also time-consuming. Not only do they have to account for all scenes in the book, what happens in them, and other factors, they also have to be analysed for any information they reveal.

This is why developmental editing is costly. And because it’s a risk to spend a lot of money up front, I strongly recommend you test-drive a shorter developmental edit first. For one thing, it will give me a better idea of what you and your manuscript need.

If I think you first need to tackle the issues raised in the opening chapters, and apply the solutions to the rest of your book, then I will say so. If the novel has a lot of issues, it becomes very time-consuming to edit. It’s best to deal with the easier problems first.

If you are wondering which type of editing is best for you, feel free to email me at and we can discuss your book. I will ask to see a sample and I’ll also want to know how much writing experience you have and what your plans are for your manuscript. 

If you’re looking for a developmental edit rather than a manuscript critique, I will ask you to try out the Opening Chapters Developmental Edit first, which covers 15,000 words. The cost of the shorter edit would be deducted from the full edit if you chose to go ahead with that afterwards.

This editorial package is suitable for adult and young adult fiction. Check the genres below:


The Manuscript Critique is available for the following genres:

You benefit from more than constructive feedback:

Picture this...

A detailed report on your novel or memoir within 4-6 weeks of submitting your manuscript.

Truthfully, a lot of writers go round and round in circles trying to figure out what they might be missing in their manuscripts, or what they can improve.

With a developmental edit you can save yourself the time. Instead, you get to refresh and kick back for a few weeks before tackling your manuscript again with new insight and constructive feedback.

It’s true that a developmental edit is a lot of information to take on board. That’s why I include follow-up email feedback and a single-read spot check of your later draft. You also get a shorter editorial letter for your revised manuscript. 

If you want me to go through your revised manuscript more than once, that costs extra but you still qualify for a discount as a returning client.

What you get with your developmental edit:

what you get with your edit

Here is what’s included in your edit:

How IndieCat Editorial can help you

How it works and how much it costs:

Price and Payment Schedule

When you first contact me, you can let me know the genre of your manuscript and whether you intend to self-publish or submit it to an agent. You can also let me know your word count.

I will contact you to ask you more about your project. I’ll also ask to see a sample of your manuscript. I may send you a questionnaire to fill in to give me a better insight into your writing experience and goals.

The Editorial Freelancer’s Association recommended rates per thousand words are $30-$39. In GBP that amounts to around £21-£28 per 1000.

This would place the value of a 100,000-word developmental edit at £2100-£2800.

 My rates are around £17 per thousand words or £170 per 10,000.

The exact price is dependent on the length of your manuscript and its complexity. Generally, I charge around £17 per thousand words. The following price guidelines apply:

For novels or memoirs up to 60,000 words…………£1020

For novels or memoirs up to 80,000 words…………£1360

For novels or memoirs up to 100,000 words……….£1700

If your novel is longer than 100,000 words, please contact me for a quote.

Payments are paid in instalments, with at least 25% due on booking your edit. If your edit starts immediately, then you will be invoiced for 50% of the balance. 

Delivery of your edit is within 4-6 weeks of the commencement date. However, if there’s a queue you might have to wait – you will be given a booking time and the date to send me your manuscript. You will also receive the delivery date.

You are invoiced for the next 25% on delivery of the edit. By this point you will have been invoiced overall for 75% of the balance.

After you have completed your next draft, you can book a spot check and I will read over your manuscript and send you an editorial report. The spot check is not as detailed, but it is included in the price of the package. You are invoiced for the final 25% either at the time of booking or on delivery of the manuscript. 

You can also opt for five payments over the following schedule:

Booking fee………………………………………………….25%

Delivery of manuscript to me……………………..20%

Delivery of edit to you…………………………………20%

Return of the revision to me………………………..20%

Delivery of the spot check report to you…….15%


Payment is by bank transfer, PayPal, or Stripe.

The deposit is non-refundable.

Who is this developmental edit for? And who is not suited for the service?

this edit is for you if:

this Edit is not for you if:


How it works...

how it works

Contact Me

Use the contact form or my email address on the contact page to let me know about your manuscript. I’ll send you a questionnaire about your project and intentions.


If we both agree, I will send you a contract and an invoice for 25% of the fee upfront. You will be given a completion date. Payment is by direct bank transfer, Stripe, or Paypal.


If you are not booked in for an immediate edit, you can pay a 25% deposit to book your place, then 25% just before the edit begins. The remaining payments are in instalments.


There are two deliveries – the full edit, and the shorter report on your revision. When both edits are complete, you are free to contact me with any questions you have for a fixed period of time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In the meantime, here are the FAQs.


Most frequent questions and answers

Word documents in a readable font like Times New Roman or Calibri. The text should be double spaced to allow plenty of space for margins comments.

When you book an edit, you will receive a booking date. If there’s a queue, your commencement date may be days or weeks in the future. If there is no queue, you can have your edit much sooner. The turnaround for the edit itself is around 4-6 weeks for longer manuscripts. So, if you book today and I have an immediate space in my calendar, you will receive your edit within around 4-6 weeks.

You have the option to spread the payments for the full developmental edit over up to five instalments. However, the first instalment must represent 25% of the overall fee and is non-refundable.

The final payment is due within 14 days of delivery of the manuscript.

Yes, this is a full developmental edit with track commenting in the manuscript. You also receive a book map which outlines your book’s story and scene structure, plus an editorial letter. Included is also a targeted reading list and links to useful video tutorials or other resources. If relevant, other supplementary material may also be included.

If you cancel the edit after it has started, you cannot be reimbursed for the deposit or the second instalment because work is already done.

Yes, most authors I have worked with have been based in the US, but I’ve also worked with writers from the UK, EU, and elsewhere. My training is predominantly American and I’m a member of the US Editorial Freelancers Association.

Yes, I read the manuscript multiple times in full. More details emerge in subsequent readings which is why it’s so important to reread. A book map can help with studying structure and plot issues, but some issues can only really be picked up in the manuscript itself. These issues include point of view slips, psychic distance, and many more.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

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Get the most detailed analysis of your novel or memoir with an editorial letter, margin comments in your MS, and a book map.

I recommend you trying out the Opening Chapters 15,000 Word Edit first before ordering a full edit. This will give you a better idea of what’s involved, but it’s also possible to order a full edit first.