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Want to take your novel to the next level?

You’ve worked so hard on your novel and now you have a finished draft. Congratulations! Now it’s time to look at a developmental edit or manuscript critique. Then again, maybe your plot has derailed and you want to get it back on track. Maybe you’ve run out of ideas and you need a brainstorming session.

Either way, now is the time to get some professional feedback. Scary, right? You’re worried that you’ll shell out money and get a snarky editorial letter. You want guidance, not judgement. 

You also want an editor who knows that it takes a while to process editorial feedback and that means you might want to ask more questions a few weeks down the line. 

And guess what – no one writes a perfect novel. Everyone, even the most successful authors, need objective feedback to untangle complex plots or help them flesh out characters.

That’s where developmental fiction editing and manuscript critique services can help. You need fresh eyes on your manuscript. Readers care more about a good plot and great characters than they do about the odd grammatical mistake. If you’re intending to publish your novel yourself, getting a developmental edit or a manuscript critique is a worthwhile investment.

Opening Chapters Assessment (Up to 15,000 words)

Your opening scenes and chapters are among the most important in your book. Are your opening chapters pulling their weight or dragging you down?

your opening 15,000 words developmentally edited for £150

Who it’s for:
Writers wanting to try out a developmental fiction edit. Writers who want to trial my services before buying a larger package. And writers who want to have their opening chapters checked before submitting to an agent. This is also a good option for those still writing their book, who need guidance or feedback on how things are going so far. 

What’s included:
Clients receive an editorial letter and a copy of their manuscript with track commenting. You also receive a book map, a reading list, and some email support/feedback. Payment in 2-3 instalments.

Price: £150 for one round.

Time to complete: 7 days.

Manuscript Critique

This service provides you with a critique of your whole manuscript. You'll receive an editorial letter with an analysis, a plan of action, and a reading list.

click the link to the manuscript critique service for prices.

Who it’s for:
Authors who want a critique of their entire manuscript, including those still working on earlier drafts right through to those planning to self-publish or submit to an agent.

What’s included:
Your manuscript will be read in depth several times. I will then draw up an editorial letter with feedback, analysis, advice and a plan on what to do next. I’m also available for up to three hours of email coaching or feedback.

Click the link below for the dedicated Manuscript Critique Services page and prices.

Time to complete: 2 to 3 weeks.

Full Developmental Edit

Want to dig deeper into your novel? Here you'll receive track commenting in your manuscript, plus an editorial letter and recommended reading list.

the most comprehensive developmental editing service.

Who it’s for:
Authors who want the most detailed feedback on a page-by-page basis. I will point out problems and fixes directly in your manuscript, allowing you to redraft your book more easily.

What’s included:

I’ll read your novel several times and make margin notes in your manuscript. I’ll also draw up an editorial letter and a list of recommended books, plus a book map. Other visual maps may be included where appropriate.

The payments are in 4-5 instalments.

I strongly advise potential clients to opt for the Opening Chapters Developmental Edit first. This will give you a detailed analysis of your first 15,000 words, before committing to the bigger editing package.

Time to complete: 4-6 weeks.

How Does It Work?

1. Contact me

You can contact me using the site form and tell me a little about your project and your plans for your book. If you’re looking for coaching while you work on a piece of writing, you can contact me about that too.

2. We'll chat!

I’ll reply and discuss your needs. I will also ask for a short sample of your work. If, after chatting, we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a quote. This will include payment instalment options, the agreed scope of the work and my ToS.

3. Order and Delivery

My policy is to request a deposit of 25% in advance. Once I receive the deposit, your place and delivery time will be booked. The remaining payment schedule depends on whether you’ve ordered one or two rounds of editing. 

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