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Grab a Manuscript Critique and get a detailed editorial report on your novel or memoir.

How a Manuscript Critique can help you.

Best for: authors looking for a full manuscript review. With detailed feedback at an affordable price.

Are you a fiction or memoir writer who intends to self-publish? 

When it comes to developmental feedback, sometimes all you need is a detailed editorial report. Not a full developmental edit. 

What’s the difference between the two? Developmental editing includes comments in the margins of the manuscript. This provides a lot more editorial feedback, but it’s also very time-consuming. 
Manuscript critiques are extensive editorial reports which break down elements of your novel or memoir and analyse them to see how they work. 

Neither a developmental edit nor a manuscript critique deals with spelling, grammar or punctuation. Because you’re not at that stage yet.

First, you need to make sure your story works, your main characters are engaging, and everything else is working well.


When you first contact me, you can let me know the genre of your manuscript and whether you intend to self-publish or submit to an agent. You can also let me know your word count.

I will contact you to ask you more about your project. I may ask to see your opening pages.

The price of this critique is dependent on the length of your manuscript. The following rough price guideline applies:

Between £4 and £6 per 1000 words.

If you’re on a budget, I can do one less full read of the manuscript – I usually do three to four. 

Payments are paid in two to three instalments, with at least 25% due on booking your edit. If your edit starts immediately, then you will be invoiced for 50% of the balance. 

Delivery of your edit is within 2-3 weeks of the commencement date. However, if there’s a queue you might have to wait – you will be given a booking time and the date to send me your manuscript. You will also receive the delivery date.

After your edit, you can contact me with batched queries and receive feedback.

what you get with your critique

Here’s what you get with your Manuscript Critique:

The fact that my manuscript had a recurring and glaring flaw I couldn’t notice gave me pause. Very thorough response and a very gracious editor. She does find any silver linings when possible, without pulling any necessary punches! Thank you for suggesting good examples!
Developmental edit of your novel or memoir.
Critique client

this critique is for you if:

what happens when you contact me?

Contact Me

Use the contact form or my email address on the contact page to let me know about your manuscript. I’ll send you a questionnaire about your project and intentions.


If we both agree, I will send you a contract and an invoice for 50% of the fee upfront. You will be given a completion date. Payment is by direct bank transfer or Paypal.


If you are not booked in for an immediate edit, you can pay a 25% deposit to book your place, and 25% just before the edit begins. Then 50% when the edit is complete.


When the edit is complete, I will send you all the materials. You are free to contact me about any questions you have. I will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the fee.


Most frequent questions and answers

Word or Word compatible documents (Libre Office for example) in a readable font. For Word this could be Times New Roman or Calibri. The text should be double spaced to allow plenty of space for margins comments.

If you work with PDFs or Google documents, contact me and I’ll ask for a sample.

When you book a critique you will receive a booking date. If there’s a queue, your commencement date may be days or weeks in the future. If there is no queue, you can have your edit much sooner. The turnaround for the edit itself is around 14-21 days. The length of the book partly decides the likely delivery time. So, if you book today and I have an immediate space in my calendar, you will receive your edit within around 2-3 weeks (depending on whether your booking is taken at the beginning or end of the working day).

If your manuscript critique is booked ahead of time, your payment can be split into three parts – 25% booking fee, 25% at the start of the edit, with the final 50% invoiced to you on delivery of the manuscript. 

The final payment is due within 14 days of delivery of the manuscript.

No, this edit consists of a detailed editorial report. You will not receive a copy of your manuscript back with track comments because that’s a different service. If you want track comments, you can either opt for the Opening Chapters Edit, the full Developmental Edit, or you can ask for an add-on option which would include light track comments. This would come at an additional price.

She read my manuscript 4 times to make sure she understood everything. I truly appreciate this thorough and sincere effort. And it showed through her feedback. She pointed out so much useful information for my next revision. Track commenting is so helpful and more than worth it. Polite, quick response time, and very knowledgable feedback. I def recommend
Developmental edit of your novel or memoir.
Franco C
Critique client

Grab a Manuscript Critique and get a detailed editorial report on your book.

Put up your feet while someone else digs deep into your manuscript. Get constructive analysis looking at plot, structure, character, theme, language, tone, genre, point of view, and more!