As a sole trader and small business owner, I offer editing and copywriting services to clients. My clients are based around the world. I take their right to privacy very seriously.

As part of my work, it’s necessary for me to gather information from clients and prospective clients. This ensures I’m able to deal with queries, work, and respond to clients both before work has been completed and afterwards.

To that end I collect the following information:

  • name (including through this website’s contact form)
  • contact postal address (as required by HMRC, the UK tax authority)
  • email address (through the contact form or you emailing me directly)
  • information relating to your enquiry such as the nature of a project, genre and wordcount
  • information gathered from and in relation to an agreement to the Terms of Service

Such data is never shared with third parties.

Likewise, I will not sign you up to my email list. You must sign up yourself and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Where do I store your data?

  • My password-protected email accounts
  • MailChimp email subscriber software
  • Tide banking app
  • Coconut accounting app
  • Paypal

I am required by law to keep business transaction records for tax purposes, in the event of an audit by HMRC.

If you wish me to delete any other material – for example, a manuscript from my hard drive after completion of work – you may do so. (I do delete manuscripts once the work is completely finished and there is no more communication.) Generally I recommend not deleting too soon in case you wish to contact me to query any issues in an edit. If I don’t still have the manuscript, such queries may be difficult to answer.

Cookies – when you visit my site a small cookie or piece of software is placed on your device. Cookies do not allow me to access your computer or device in any way. They help with your browsing experience and also help me collect website analytic data.