• Developmental Edit or Manuscript Critique?

    Manuscript Critique or Developmental Edit

    What is the difference between a manuscript critique and a full developmental edit? What can you expect from each service and which might be best for your circumstances? The basics Developmental editing focuses on the so-called “big picture” elements of a book – the plot, characterisation, theme, structure and so on. Just to confuse things […]

  • A quick overview of 2020

    I decided to write a quick overview of 2020, work-wise. I have yet to fully assess 2020’s editing work, except that it’s been hectic owing to the fact I decided to sign up at Fiverr. There, I started with one gig that drew in a lot of work: an opening 10,000 words chapter edit. It […]

  • What will you get when you hire me to edit your book?

    What will you get when you hire me to edit your book? This is a reasonable question since I could be a complete scam artist about to run off with your money. I know you don’t particularly care about my training, other than to hope I’ve had some. Yes, indeedy, there are people out there […]

  • How fiction writers benefit from swipe files

    What is a swipe file? Swipe files are well known in the copywriting business. When you come across a really good piece of copy, you save it to your swipe file. Then, when you are stuck for ideas, you have some inspiring writing to check out. So, want to know how fiction writers benefit from […]

  • The #1 thing writers need to succeed

    The #1 thing writers need to succeed What’s the #1 thing writers need to succeed? Is it a particular word processing program? Is it a particular writing app? Perhaps it’s attending a particular writing school? Or maybe it’s a question of networking or building up a big social media following? There’s no doubt some of […]