• Don’t take too long to start your novel

    So, you have a story you want to tell. You’ve been thinking about it for years. It would make a perfect novel. When you finally get round to putting it down on paper, you’ll know exactly what the characters are like, you’ll know how they interact, and you’ll already know how it ends. All that’s […]

  • Location sketches – The French Chateau

    When you’re researching a novel location, and trying to familiarise yourself with your setting, immerse yourself in imagery/photos as well as textual information. Then try and do some location word sketches. Set time aside for this, dig deep into your location, write as much detail as you like, and keep it all in a file. […]

  • The Swimmer (1968)

    Based on a classic short story of the same name by American writer John Cheever, The Swimmer (1968) is a beautiful film that boasts a fine performance from Burt Lancaster as Ned Merrill, a wealthy suburbanite who decides on a whim that he will swim home across the Connecticut countryside, via his neighbours’ pools. But […]

  • The Butcher – Alina Reyes (1988)

    When French writer Alina Reyes decided to write a story for an erotic writing competition, she had no idea that it would go on to become an international bestseller. The Butcher is a lyrical tale of eroticism and sensuality. The narrator, an art student, works at a butcher’s shop during the summer holidays. There she […]