• Pressing the Reset Button

    Do you ever feel that you spend too much time online? Are you getting as much writing done as you’d like? Do you feel your attention span is suffering? Are your writing sessions fragmented by constantly checking social media? For that matter, do you ever feel like you could do with a break from both […]

  • Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon

    Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon is such a long novel – around 860 pages – that I wrote this review in stages. When I started writing, I was 250-350 pages into the book. Now I’m closer to 675 pages and my opinions haven’t changed at all. But this is less a book review than a […]

  • Historical fiction as a time machine

    Historical fiction as a time machine What is the appeal of historical fiction – does it function as a time machine? If you’ve ever pored over an old photograph like the one above, it might be the mystery and appeal of a lost world. There’s something romantic about vanished buildings like the Vanderbilt mansion – […]

  • A Place of Greater Safety

    A Place of Greater Safety: The Pre-Revolutionary Background: Louis XV is named the Well-Beloved. Ten years pass. The same people believe the Well-Beloved takes baths of human blood… Avoiding Paris, ever shut up at Versailles, he finds even there too many people, too much daylight. He wants a shadowy retreat…. In a year of scarcity […]