• 10 ways to improve your novel’s pacing

    While your novel doesn’t have to gallop along at a fast pace, sometimes storytelling gets bogged down and momentum is lost. Too slow and a reader could just give up. Be vigilant of anything that pulls your pace down. Here are 10 ways to improve your novel’s pacing: 1. Slow beginnings and worldbuilding It is […]

  • IndieCat Editorial Review of 2022

    I worked with a few new clients in 2022, plus returning clients. It was great to see all the manuscripts – historical fiction, contemporary, thriller, romance, science fiction, and more. One client I’ve been working with is almost finished their first (six book) series of novels. It’s been a great series to work on. Another […]

  • How to use Facebook and Instagram ads

    Have you ever tried to run a Facebook or Instagram ad directly to your sales or services page which resulted in little to no sales? I’ve seen both writers and editors mention that they didn’t find Facebook ads useful. Others will have had more success. It’s hard to know what went right or wrong without […]

  • My best productivity tips for writers

    I wrote most of this blog post in August 2021 and forgot to post it. Now here it is and it’s just as relevant! In the age of social media, constant rolling news, and a shorter attention span, it can be hard to focus on the task in hand. This is especially true if you’re […]