• Character credibility in Jurassic Park

    Michael Crichton’s 1991 blockbuster novel Jurassic Park is a great adventure story as well as a warning against corporate greed and the corruption of science. My first contact with the novel came through the fantastic Audible edition. More recently, I read the hard copy. There are differences between the two – the physical book includes […]

  • Your novel’s opening lines (and why they matter)

    First sentences are doors to worlds. Ursula Le Guin, Whether you’re intending to self-publish or aiming for mainstream publication, the opening lines of your novel are prime real estate. If you’re a self-publishing author, your opening pages (in the Kindle sample) should hopefully reel in potential readers to hit the buy button. However, ordinary readers […]

  • Narrative Choices in The Stepford Wives

    Narrative choices in The Stepford Wives Born in 1929, Ira Levin was a very successful playwright and novelist. He published seven novels during his life, starting with A Kiss Before Dying in 1953, with his second novel Rosemary’s Baby not appearing until 1967. The last novel appeared in 1997. Meanwhile, his most successful play, Deathtrap, […]

  • How many characters can you have in your novel?

    Characters are the heart of every novel. Usually the characters are human, sometimes they’re animals or aliens or some other fantasy creature. Even a location can be a character in its own right. Think Manderley in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. Characters and character hierarchy Some novels focus on a small number of characters and others […]